Our Vision


We want to be a church that accepts people on their terms, leads them to maturity in Christ, trains and equips them for ministry and unleashes them out on a daily mission, for the Glory of God.


To God be the glory: – God is worthy we are unworthy.

          As a church we want this to be the core of our existence; we want this to be the number one value in our leadership, our ministry, our motives, our goals and in all that we do. We want everything else to be determined and measured by this. We want to see God’s glory in everything that we do, think, and dream as a church.


Accepting people on their terms: – Every saint was a sinner.

          We want unchurched people to feel welcomed in our church. We don’t expect non-Christians to act like Christians. We want to teach our members that non-Christians need all of our love and grace. They need to feel like they belong here, that they are accepted and that they are welcome to come as they are.


Leading people to maturity in Christ: – Growing people change.

          We want people to experience life changing power of Jesus in their lives. We want them to feel accepted, but at the same time we want them to realize that Christian life is a life long journey that requires transformation of one’s heart.


Training and equipping for ministry: – Every member is a minister.

          We want members of the body to minister to each other. We want them to discover their spiritual gifts and natural abilities. We want to help them serve out of their strengths and to allow others to help them with their weaknesses.


Unleashing for a mission: – Every Christian is a missionary.

          We want our members to be on a mission daily. We want them to see it as something that is natural and normal, something that everyone is called to and should do, something that brings joy and eternal results.