June prayer update

June 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

God is doing great things in and around  our lives, and last year was a tremendous journey with Him. We are excited to see what future holds for us, because we know that our future is in His hands.

Time goes by very fast, and as of today we have one more month left before we go to Ukraine. Yes it is true. We are aware of the political struggles and war that is going on in Donbass region of Ukraine. Nevertheless, God is in control, He is leading us and we are following His lead.

Allow me to give you a run through of the things that have happened in our lives

●     The house that we rented for the past 5-6 years has been sold and we have to move out.

●     I have resigned from my job and yesterday was my last day

●     We have “purchased” our tickets. God blessed us in special way. A friend of ours gave us his mileage plan to cover the cost of the tickets. We paid less than $500 for all six of them.

●     We are flying out to Ukraine on July 24, 2014.

●     We bought suitcases, all 18 of them.


Couple of other things that we need to do before we go.

●     We are waiting for Zhanna’s visa for Ukraine, please pray about that.

●     We are hosting fundraiser dinner  on July 19. You are invited, (more information on that later)

●     We are in the packing mode like never before.  In the next two three weeks we need to pack our car and our trailer to send over to Ukraine.

●     We need to sell tons of things.  There will be a huge moving sale in our future. You are invited.

●     We still need to raise lots of support for our ministry, please join us in prayer and if God leads you to support us please do so by following this link.

Why are we doing this?

We want to bring glory to God through everything. Many friends advised us not to go now, and wait for another year, or at least until the fighting in Ukraine stops. I agree that their advice sounds logical, maybe even smart. I’ve thought about it more than anyone I know, and God again and again showed us that this is His timing.

As I was preparing my sermon for a father’s day on the story of Eli from 1st Samuel, God showed up in magnificent way. When look at the beginning of Samuel’s ministry we, often,  miss the context of what was going on in Israel at that time. Here’s the context:  Israel lost a battle and lost 34 thousand men. They also lost an Ark of the Covenant and their leader, who led them for the past 40 years. Needles to say,  the struggling economy, the brokenness and the destruction of the land was paramount. 

But here is the bottom line. When God calls you to do something you do it, and you leave it to Him to provide the results and to sustain you. Your obedience is on you though. Samuel obeyed. So are we. Our hope is that through this small thing that God does in our lives, you can be encouraged to do something great for His Glory.

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Together we can change this world, one soul at a time. Please help us to build up our prayer support, pass this on to those people, who would love to pray for our ministry.​ If you got this message forwarded to you, please sign up to receive updates from us by following this link.


God bless you.

Long ago, Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Thessaloniki, “Brothers, pray for us” (1 Thess 5:25).

As Apostle Paul, and as many other ministers of the Gospel, we are in need of your prayers of support and intercession.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for sharing our story with others, thank you for asking others to pray for us as well.

Last time we asked you to pray for Kids Summer Day Camp in Shostka, the Lord has

blessed this ministry and we are thankful for your prayer support of this event.

Kids Summer Day Camp in front yard of the Church in Shostka, Ukraine

Thank you for your prayers.

I have to be honest though, not everything is going the way we have planed. We were trying to get a hold of Ukrainian consulate in San Francisco, and for two weeks we had no answers. No one is returning our calls and no one answering them either. But we strongly believe, that the Lord our God will provide in due time and will lead us through this, showing His glory and power. Please continue to pray about it.

We have a lot to do in order to prepare for this trip, and that’s why we want to ask you specifically to pray about thees three things:

  • Pray that God would give us wisdom in general.

We have tons of things to do, starting with shipping our things, customs, housing and relocation itself. We don’t want to make any mistakes and rush decisions, so we are asking you to pray that God would grant us His wisdom in everything, including small things.

  • Pray that God would provide His wisdom and help in documentation process with Ukrainian Consulate.

We are hopeful that we will have progress with Consulate this week. Please continue to pray for this.

  • Please pray for revival in Shostka

There are 80,000 people living in Shostka and only 0.6% are Evangelical Christians. There are many souls in this part of Ukraine, who have to hear and accept the Gospel.

We believe that God is with us, and we are thankful for your prayers and encouragement.

In Christ,

​Pavel and Zhanna Marchenko