Let’s go out for a coffee

Virtual Coffee

Thank you for considering to meet our needs @ “Virtual Coffee”

Hello dear friend. You are here because You got a FaceBook message from us and followed the link. We sent out this invitation to few of our friends to see if some of you would consider to join us in our ministry.

We are still working on raising support for our ministry, and I think I know how we can do this together.

Let’s say my wife and I visit you and we go out for coffee. Four drinks and a tip runs about 20-25 dollars, and you being a host graciously offered to pay for. We are, of course, grateful. So here is the Idea. Let’s go out for some “virtual coffee” – you pick a day, and we’ll do it once a month. Our goal is to have more supporters in smaller amounts so we can share each other’s burdens in our service to Christ.

Monthly support is simpler than you can imagine. You go through this process ones, select the amount that you wish to donate and it Connect International will take care of the rest

Before you select this option there are a couple of things that you need to know

  • Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive required paperwork at the beginning of the year
  • You will need a Debit/Credit Card or a US Bank Account, to set up automatic monthly donations

If you are OK with those conditions and want to donate to our ministry monthly please follow these steps

1. Please visit Connect International

2. Very important, in the field “Designation” select Marchenko, Pavel to make sure that your donation will be routed in the right way (see picture below)


3. Select “Credit or Debit Card” and click “Next” (if you selected eCheck/Bank Transfer skip to step 7)

4. On the next screen enter the amount of your monthly donation

5. Select “Make this recurring (Monthly)” option


6. Fill in your information, and you are all done.

7. If you choose to donate by eCheck/Bank Transfer then provide all your information to this form and don’t forget to select donation frequency to “Monthly


8. Finish the form and you are all done

Ones again, Thank you for your support of our ministry, we thankful to God for every one of you who prays for us, for those of you who have resources to give, for your encouragement and help.

Please keep us in your prayers, check out our Blog, and sign up for a Prayer Update letter.